Tuesday, September 12, 2006

News bytes

  • Richard Cohen, idiot for the Washington comPost says that Osama has already won...and, of course, it's Bush's fault. Fortunately for Dick, he already has his beard ready for his impending dhimmitude. This is the perfect compliment (with impeccable timing) to my post yesterday about how the left cannot be trusted with national security.

  • Similarly unable to recognize the enemy, Ohio State University political science professor John Mueller says "Terrorist threat? What terrorist threat?" The column is riddled with so many logical fallacies that he should have his tenure revoked and the parents of his students should demand a refund from OSU.

  • At least a Brit understands it perfectly! Anne Applebaum says "Stop blaming America for terrorism!" Certain recent visitors may wish to read that (and you know who you are).

  • "Experts: Iraq Key Battleground in Terror War." What?? Now how in the hell can you have "experts" without any mention of Murtha, Pelosi, Kennedrunk, or Dean? For those of you on the left, that was sarcasm.

  • "N.Y. Times Finds No 'Soviet-Style' Clinton Attacks in Editorial on 'Path to 9/11'" From Newsbusters:
    In 2003, the New York Times editorialized against the CBS decision to yank its personal-attack film "The Reagans" and said conservavies "helped create the Soviet-style chill embedded in the idea that we, as a nation, will not allow critical portrayals of one of our own recent leaders."

    But Tuesday's Times carries an editorial that never mentioned a "Soviet-style chill" in the attempts of Clinton and his staffers to kill ABC's "The Path to 9/11." Instead of decrying "fierce" ideological assault on the media, the Times again finds its villains on the right, attacking Rush Limbaugh and moderate Republican Thomas Kean. It makes "One suggestion: when attempting to recreate real events on screen, you do not show real people doing things they never did." (Like Jayson Blair claiming to report for the Times from West Virginia when he was in New York City?)
    "The Reagans" had fictional scenes where Ronnie said things that he never really said...but those pesky conservatives can't understand "dramatization"! "The Path to 9/11" had fictional scenes were Trousers Berger said things that he never really said...but "that's just wrong to do that to the Clintonistas!" Nope...no liberal media bias.