Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Couric lauds "Old Media"

WARNING! The following paragraphs may result in any beverage that you are currently consuming to be spewed upon your monitor, projected from your mouth or nostrils. Please put your beverage down (for you, Senator Kennedy, please put down the Dewars and Coke). In five...four...three...two...one...OK, you have been warned.

Quoth the perky one, Katie Couric, on The Early Show, regarding the fact that transcripts of the CBS Evening News (her show) will be available online for viewing at any time:
"I don't really see it as a fight between old media and new media. I think old media has a lot to offer even if we are old. And I think that some of the integrity and the standards and the great reporting that you find in traditional mainstream media, to give that an outlet in newer technological forms, is only a positive thing for everybody."
Here's guessing that the irony is lost on Katie that the sole reason she has her current gig is because her predecessor (for those of you on the left, "her predecessor" refers to Dan Rather) was unceremoniously canned for exposing the network's absence of said integrity and standards.

Heck, if Katie promises more side-splitting hilarity like that when she does the evening news, I may have to start tuning in for it...provided that I'm not consuming any beverages at the time, of course!