Wednesday, September 20, 2006

News bytes

News from around the web:

  • Ted Turner says the Iraq war was one of history's "dumbest moves of all time". Turner then trumps this supremely "dumb move" by performing the actual single dumbest move of all time: touting Al "I can't win my own state" Gore for president.

  • Sean Penn may play Einstein in a TV movie. In related news, I will be playing Brad Pitt in a TV movie.

  • A Texas County considers free gastric bypass to obese county employees. Note to potential applicants: eat as much as you like for as many years as you like, then when you feel like stopping, just ask the Travis County citizens to foot the bill. Accountability? Come on, where do you think this is...Texas? Oh, wait...yes it is. Uh...

  • US Treasury Sets New 1-Day Tax Receipt Record Of $85.8 Billion. Couldn't have anything to with tax cuts and their stimulating effect, could it? Didn't think so. Now, if only the "conservatives" could figure out how to stop spending this extra money, we'd be fine.

  • Butressing my contention that global "warming" alarmists are either anti-capitalists disguised as environmental stewards, or are grant-hungry scientists, a Colorado State University professor has commited professional suicide by asserting that humans have diddly to do with global "warming." If Professor Gray isn't tenured, he should begin polishing up his resumé, since the enviroweenie leftists won't stand for such heresy.

  • Iran President to U.N.: "What Is the Problem?" Yeah, really! Haven't you ever seen an anti-Semitic anti-American weirdbeard with a nuke before?