Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quote of the day

Though the quote was a couple of days ago, I just now saw it, ergo it qualifies as my "quote of the day". From Speaker-wannabe Nancy Pe-loser (Moonbat-SF) on national security:
"'A third questioner pointed out that Republicans have regained the lead on national security. 'This is what, I guess, campaigns will be about,' Pelosi conceded with some reluctance. 'It shouldn't be about national security.'"
There you have it. No campaigns this year should be about national security. I mean, national security is just sooooooooo passé, isn't it? I don't suppose this position statement has diddly to do with the fact the left is more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists than in protecting Americans, does it? Nah...couldn't be.

Unfortunately for Pe-loser and her moonbat nutroot ilk, this election will likely indeed hinge on national security. William Kristol properly notes the following:
A few defections won't prevent Republicans from saying--truthfully--that there is a real difference between the two parties on the war on terror, and that they stand with Bush and against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.