Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tony Snow impugns David Gregory, Gregory snips back

In light of Tony Snow's verbal bitchslapping of that DC press corps crazy anti-Semitic hag Helen Thomas, I think this also adds to Snow's blooming reputation as one who refuses to take liberal MSM Crap! From Editor and Publisher:
A not especially eventful press briefing at the White House today turned rancorous with NBC's David Gregory telling Press Secretary Tony Snow, "Don't point your finger at me," and Snow accusing the newsman of being "rude" and delivering Democratic talking points.

Earlier, speaking to reporters, Snow, continuing the administration's media focus on the war on terror, accused "some in the Democratic Party" of saying "we shouldn't fight the war" and "we shouldn't apprehend al-Qaeda" or even "question al-Qaeda."

Snow got into a tussle with Gregory after the NBC journalist told him, in a lengthy remark, that the public may wonder why the president's statement and report today on the war on terror did not admit more failings on the administration's part. Snow observed that he had nicely summarized "the Democratic point of view," and Gregory took exception to this.
If the shoe fits, Dave, then I suggest that you wear it.