Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MN Democrat Senate candidate a ditz

Yet unsurprisingly, she gets a pass from the MSM. From Powerline:
Republican Mark Kennedy is locked in a tight race against Democrat Amy Klobuchar for Minnesota's open Senate seat. One reason the race is tight is that local media have consistently given Klobuchar, an inexperienced candidate with thin qualifications for the Senate, at best, a free pass. Here is an example. Klobuchar is asked how she thinks Michael Chertoff is doing as Homeland Security chief. Incredibly, she thinks that Michael Brown, former head of FEMA, was Chertoff's predecessor at DHS. Klobuchar says:
You know, I think he's doing a better job than his predecessor. I always thought it was kind of strange when we put the head of the Arabian Horse Association, um, in that job as our top, uh, law enforcement person, uh, uh, working with FEMA and Homeland Security.
...As a Senate candidate, Klobuchar is not ready for prime time. This is the kind of blunder that, committed by a Republican, would be termed a "gaffe" and chewed over endlessly in the press. Despite the media's support for Klobuchar's campaign, however, recent polls show Kennedy closing. Go here to contribute to Mark's campaign.
You DO know that had that been something that came from the piehole of George W. Bush, the MSM would be all over that like Michael Moore on a porkchop...right? "What a dunce!", they would say. Yet when a Democrat locked in a competitive MN Senate race says it, the MSM is quieter than Monica Lewinskey having "assumed the position."

Nope...no liberal media bias!