Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dem loser trusts polls over actual results

It just wouldn't be an election cycle without some whiny #ss liberal Democrat screaming "Vote fraud!", now would it? From U.S. Newswire:
Clint Curtis, Democratic Party Candidate for Florida's 24th Congressional District, announced that he will not concede defeat in his race to unseat Rep. Tom Feeney (news, bio, voting record) "until every vote is actually counted." He is considering mounting a legal challenge to the election results.

"In this election, the results did not match the Zogby pre- election poll, our internal polling, or our exit polling," Curtis said. "These anomalies need to be investigated and cleared up, not just in my race but for every district where the count just doesn't add up." Curtis says he has informed the Supervisor of Elections office in all four counties in FL-24 that he is considering a challenge.
Screw the results, Zogby said we would win! Continuing:
Curtis continued, "The right to vote and to have that vote counted accurately is the very foundation of our democracy, and I owe it to the voters in my district and the state of Florida to continue to push for accurate, honest elections.
Or, at least those that aren't overseas military ballots, right? Continuing:
As an internationally recognized election integrity advocate, Curtis has worked tirelessly for over five years to correct issues in America's broken election system. As a congressional candidate, Curtis now has the legal standing to pursue an investigation into the anomalies.

Curtis plans to examine precinct numbers and personally contact voters, to "tie the voter to the vote." "This will either confirm the official results or indicate discrepancies," he said.
So much for privacy rights, huh? I'd hate to think that a politician would be bugging me to see if I voted for him or not. In closing:
"I can accept that the citizens across the state of Florida were out of step with the rest of the country, as long as we know that this election truly reflects their intent." Curtis said.
"I can accept that the citizens across the state of Florida were out of step with the rest of the country?" Obviously you can't, especially since you lost convincingly, 58% - 42% (didn't see that in the U.S. Newswire story, did you?)! Additionally, factoring in that Charlie Crist won the governor's race by a convincing 7%, and that Tom Feeney is well-liked in his district that Curtis won't concede, it's not exactly stretching the imagination to see how Curtis was soundly defeated.

What is it with Dems being pisspoor losers? I mean, they won big on Election Night this year, and they still act like asses with election results. By contrast, George Allen didn't request a recount that he was legally allowed to request, nor did Conrad Burns in Montana. Nor did John Ashcroft in 2000 when he lost to Mel Carnahan, who had died in a plane crash before the election but had his wife run in his place...despite MO law that said that whomever the certified winner was HAD to be a LIVING RESIDENT of MO, which Mel Carnahan was not. No, Ashcroft accepted the will of the people and graciously conceded and asked the state GOP not to pursue the matter.

Thanks, Al set one helluva precedent!