Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quote of the day

From the soon-to-be chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel:
It’s not just committees — our influence within the House Democratic caucus will grow enormously,” Mr. Rangel said in an interview.

To that end, he sketched out an expansive federal agenda: Teaming up with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on gun control, passing new tax incentives for urban job programs, and redirecting federal money to New York in return for the outsize tax collections that the federal government makes here.

“Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?” Mr. Rangel said.
I don't know, Chuck...maybe people who ALREADY live in Mississippi, including fellow House Dem (and black) Gene Taylor? But hey, pretty safe to mock a state that stands as much of a chance of voting Dem as Keith Olbermann has in getting people to watch his TV show, right?