Monday, November 13, 2006

UPDATED: FL Sen. Martinez to replace Mehlman as RNC Chief

Despite rumors that Michael Steele, the recently defeated black Republican Senate candidate from MD, would succeed Mehlman as GOP top dawg, CNN is reporting that Florida Senator Mel Martinez will be the replacement.

I have been incredibly unimpressed with Mel, especially on the, immigrants...issue. Therefore, if this is true, perhaps something good can come of this. I am assuming that Martinez would step down as opposed to simultaneously serving as Senator and RNC chief. Since FL just elected a Republican governor in Charlie Crist, Crist would fill Martinez' seat with a Republican...possibly an actual right-of-center Republican.

Wouldn't it be freakin' hilarious if Crist replaced Martinez with Katherine Harris?

UPDATE: CNN has just removed the flashing news report, so either it's not official or they got it wrong. Stay tuned, and I'll update accordingly.

UPDATE #2: Story moved here (as of now anyway, 3:22 p.m. EST). Dammit, the story says that Martinez would not relinquish his Senate seat. GRRRRR!

UPDATE #3: Michelle Malkin reminds us that the RNC chief has to be elected by GOP state chairmen, and wonders if maybe they'll listen to their constituents THIS time? They haven't been listening to their constituents for years now, so why should this be any different? A Red State blogger calls Martinez "the Harriet Miers of RNC chairs"!