Thursday, November 02, 2006

More troops...or fewer?

Seems like it's "Pick on Jean-François Heinz-Kerry" Day, but this one isn't over his troop-slandering comments. This one's funnier. Transcript of an exchange he had with Don Imus:
Kerry: These guys have failed America. The people who owe an apology are people like Donald Rumsfeld, who didn't send enough troops, who didn't listen to the generals, who has made every mistake in the book. . . .

Imus: . . . Senator John McCain, he seems to think--he seems to agree with the Bush administration about your comments. And you know him, obviously, better than I do, but I know him pretty well. And he probably knows what you meant, too.

Kerry: I'm sorry that John McCain has said what he said. John McCain's been a friend for a long time. But I have to tell you, I think John McCain is wrong about this.

John McCain has been a cheerleader for a policy that is incorrect. John McCain says we ought to send another 100,000 troops over there. First of all, we don't have another 100,000 troops. Secondly, if you send [more of] them over there, it's going to do exactly what's already happened, which is attract more terrorists and more jihadists. Our own generals are telling us that it's the numbers of troops that are the problem.
The Bushies didn't send enough troops...and it sent too many troops? Got it...thanks for the clarification. It's a pity that Bush couldn't be as decisive and principled as François !