Friday, November 24, 2006

UPDATE: A Floridian "Damn that global warming" update

UPDATE (11/24/2006 - 7:50 A.M. EST): Ice caps not melting, but are getting thicker. Link here. Maybe the "New Ice Age" eco-fear of the 1970's was right! And to think, I've been stocking up on SPF 3,000 for nothing! Not that any of this will phase the "faith-based junk science" crowd.

It's cold here this morning in Jacksonville. However, at least we didn't get snow like Orlando and Daytona got. From WFTV:
Snow flurries were reported in Seminole, Orange, and Volusia Counties Tuesday night. We even saw some snow at Channel 9's Orlando studios.

The last time it snowed in Central Florida was reportedly January 24, 2003. Before that, it hadn't snowed since 1989.

A blast of cold air is moving into the state this week, state emergency officials said.

Wind chills may drop into the 20s in parts of north Florida and high temperatures may only reach the 60s as far south as the Keys on Wednesday, state meteorologist Ben Nelson said.
Uncharacteristic cold? Must be evidence of global "warming", huh?

Wait a minute! I forgot that during this time of year, the global "warming" Chicken Littles cluck the term "climate change" in place of "global 'warming'", since we normal Americans tend to laugh at people who tell us how the planet is the precise moment that Florida is getting snow.