Friday, January 05, 2007

Night and day

From Newsbusters:
NBC's Today show cast celebrated the return of the Democrats to power to the House as "historic" but when the Newt Gingrich-led Republicans took over the House in 1995 Today wasn't so laudatory.

At the top of this morning's Today show Meredith Vieira, as first noted here, declared: "Look it's a very historic day on Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi the first woman to become Speaker of the House. I'm excited as a woman to see that happen." Then Vieira's colleague, Natalie Morales, repeated the "historic" refrain during the 8am news update: "It's a history making day on Capitol Hill. Democrats take control of both chambers of Congress for the first time in 12 years and they're set to elect a woman, Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker for the first time ever."

However a flashback to January 4th 1995 shows Today didn't exactly greet the GOP so graciously. The MRC's Rich Noyes went back into the MRC archives to find the following quotes from that day's show:
Katie Couric to Bob Dole: "Is someone, anyone, going to have to muzzle the new Speaker a bit?...But should Newt Gingrich watch himself?"

Bryant Gumbel to Newt Gingrich: "You are sounding very moderate this morning. You and I both know that a lot of Democrats and, frankly, some moderate Republicans are suggesting that ultimately your tongue will cost you."

Gumbel to Rep. Dick Gephardt: "Mr. Gephardt, you called Gingrich and his ilk, your words, 'trickle-down terrorists who base their agenda on on division, exclusion, and fear.' Do you think middle class Americans are in need of protection from that group?"

Couric to Tim Russert: "By June or July, though Tim, this 100 day edict will be long gone. Is this smart to put the 100 day deadline on the House of Representatives. Are they trying to have expediency at the risk of well thought-out legislation?" liberal media bias!

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