Tuesday, February 13, 2007

House Dems to try and pass capitulation resolution

From My Way News:
House Democrats rolled out their resolution opposing President Bush's troop increase in Iraq on Monday, setting up a likely rebuke in a political landscape turned upside-down since Congress' overwhelming 2002 endorsement of force against Saddam Hussein.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on a resolution by week's end opposing Bush's decision to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq. The measure states simply that the House "will continue to support and protect" troops serving in Iraq but "disapproves" of the troop buildup.

Debate was to begin Tuesday, and the House vote will mark its first on the war since Democrats won control in the November elections. While the measure is not binding and would not affect the funding of the war, passage would be an embarrassing rejection of Bush's Iraq war policy and could force many Republicans to choose between backing the president or criticizing a deeply unpopular war.
What a crock of shizit. A resolution is simply an opinion, not a bill looking to become law. The new Dem majority has been working hard with their newly found power to...craft an opinion? The president will basically say "Yeah, whatever" and dare them to cut funding. Yes, the war has been improperly managed and the American public doesn't like it; however, the public wouldn't exactly be thrilled about our soldiers not getting the funds they need. All this resolution does is (a) say "We don't like this!", not exactly a bold statement to make; (b) send a message to the troops that their mission is not appreciated back home, particularly by their "leaders"; and (c) send an encouraging message to Islamofascists worldwide that America has no will or resolve to fight their terrorism.

John Boehner (sorry, but the juvenile side of me chuckles whenever I see that name in writing) properly observed the following:
While Democrats predicted the measure would pass easily, Republican leaders tried to refocus debate on the measure in hopes of putting Democrats on the defensive.

"This resolution is the first step in the Democrats' plan to cut off funding for American troops who are in harm's way, and their leaders have made this abundantly clear," said House Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.
The Dems aren't stupid...well, not totally, anyway. They know that in order for them to hold on to their new positions, they have to govern with cowardice. In other words, they won't do what their hearts tell them to do, which is cut funding to force troop removal. Congressional Dems want to cut and run more badly than Ted Kennedy wants that Dewars after (or before, or during) work. However, they want their seats even more.

It was one thing to run on "We oppose Bush's handling of the war!" It's quite another to have to actually do something about it now.

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