Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Obama: Those poor, poor Palestinians

Here's leftard rag The Nation's puff piece on Obama kissing some Palestinian posterior:
Barack Obama did the unthinkable recently: he had the audacity to mention the Palestinians.

"Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people," Obama told voters in Iowa on Sunday. That remark hardly endeared him to the hawkish pro-Israel supporters at AIPAC, where Obama (and Hillary) spoke on Monday.

According to the New York Times, Obama and Hillary held dueling receptions to woo Jewish voters. Hillary offered the standard pro-Israel line, even displaying a sign spelling her name in Hebrew (can't imagine Barack translates very well).

In the past, Obama has spoken highly of the Palestinian people and the calamities they've faced. No doubt, his opponents will now try and use that against him.

Indeed I will. Here are these poor souls for whom Obama's (and The Nation's) hearts bleed:

Aw, aren't they adorable? I tell ya, those little jihadis blow, grow fast these days!

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