Monday, April 09, 2007

Obama & Edwards chicken out of debate

Not surprising that the Silky Pony chickens out. He's an empty suit with a French poodle's well-coiffed hair. But for some strange reason, I expected more from Obama. Don't ask me why, because I haven't a freakin' idea. Anywho, from the Politico:
Barack Obama has chosen not to attend September's Democratic presidential primary debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News, an aide said, effectively dooming the event.

Obama is the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus running for President, and his decision allows other candidates to skip the debate without facing criticism that they are turning their backs on a leading black institution.

Friday, John Edwards was the first candidate to announce he'd skip the debate. The CBC Institute is hosting one other debate, with CNN in January, in which all candidates are expected to participate.

"CNN seemed like a more appropriate venue," the aide said, adding that Obama himself had not called CBC leadership or Fox executives to deliver the news. "It was handled at a staff level."

The aide said that Obama will participate in the six officially-sanctioned Democratic National Committee debates, whose existence provided candidates a measure of cover to drop out of the Fox-sponsored debate.

Now there's a blow for the leftards who are dim enough to think that Fox News is conservatively biased but CNN is somehow "objective"! If Osamabama wants to debate through a CNN venue, are you stupid enough to think it's because CNN is "objective"? Sure, OK, whatever.

Oh, well. If Osamabama and the Silky Pony want to talk to a smaller audience, they're definitely going to the right place. What a couple of chickensh#ts!

UPDATE (04/09/2007 - 6:15 P.M. EST): Hot Air is reporting that Osamaba broke Senate ethics rules by using his Senate office for campaign purposes (he invited his campaign adviser into his Senate office, a big-time no-no). They wonder if he's backing out of the FNC-CBC-sponsored debate to assuage the nutroots over his Iraq funding comments. If true, he's more spineless than I even imagined. Plus, it shows just how leftist the supposed "moderate" really is.

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