Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The CNN reporter who mocked and laughed at McCain

Recall the Drudge story last week regarding the CNN reporter (Michael Ware) who taunted McCain, and that the story appeared to have been debunked? If not, here's the reminder. Anywho, that story seems to have reared its head again. From Hot Air:
This makes three independent reports of distracting chuckling during the presser: Drudge’s original much-maligned story, which accused Michael Ware by name of “heckling;” AFP’s story from last Tuesday, which cited “giggling” by an unnamed reporter; and now J-Mac himself, who appeared yesterday on Sean Hannity’s radio show to do a little rebunking of Raw Story’s debunking. Hannity volunteers Ware’s name and McCain doesn’t correct him, but even in McCain’s case the knowledge is secondhand: apparently it was Lindsey Graham and the rest of the contingent who noticed the disturbance while McCain was answering someone’s question.

Just keeping you up to speed. Until someone puts this directly to Graham, we won’t know for sure.

Maybe Drudge wasn't wrong after all. Maybe he was. Considering that Ware has done the heckling and eye-rolling and leftist editorializing before, it's not hard to fathom he did it here, too. At any rate, you have information to make your own minds up.

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