Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh, those special interests?

The "most ethical majority ever" in Congress is showing their Republican counterparts the correct way to be beholden to special interests. From ABC:
The campaign coffers of the new Democratic House committee chairmen have seen a big jump in contributions from lobbyists and special interests since the Democratic takeover of Congress, according to new campaign finance filings available on

In some cases, Democrats in powerful posts are raising more money from special interest groups than the Republicans they replaced…

The chairman to receive the most PAC money was Rep. Charles Rangel of New York, the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, who reported raising $486,669 from PACs, compared to $7,500 during the same period two years ago. Rangel’s PAC donors compromised more than half the money he raised and represent a broad array of industries including health care, finance, transportation, agriculture, technology, retailers and organized labor.
The former Republican chairmen of those committees received significantly less PAC money than their Democratic counterparts. Rep. Joe Barton, former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, received $50,000, one-sixth the amount [John] Dingell received. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, former chairman of the Agriculture committee, received $80,000, half the amount [Collin] Peterson received.

Just to clarify things for you:

gun rights, businesses, the religious, anti-abortionists, pro-families, and anti-illegal immigrant groups are all considered "special interest" groups capable of corrupting politicians...and all these groups just so happen to coinkidinkally be Republican "special interest" groups; however...

anti-gun rights, treehuggers, anti-religious, pro-abortionist, pro-illegal immigrant, trial lawyers, labor unions, teachers unions, and anti-military groups are ALL proper and "good cause" groups, completely devoid of any special interests, and incapable of corrupting politicians...and all these groups just so happen to coinkidinkally be Democrat "special interest" groups.

Clear now?

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