Friday, April 06, 2007

Whither thou, Abu Ghraibers and Club Gitmo agitators?

From the UK:
* We were blindfolded and subjected to interrogation
* We were told we faced seven years in prison if we did not 'confess'
* Iranians entered Iraqi waters deliberately to detain us. Fighting back was not an option
* We were 1.7 nautical miles away from Iranian waters
* We were under psychological pressure and mind games
* Faye Turney was isolated in a cell away from the rest of the crew
* Iranian state TV says crew's comments were 'dictated' by British Ministry of Defence

The British sailors released by Iran have today told how they were kidnapped and blindfolded and subjected to 'constant psychological pressure'.
The sailors and marines said they were bound, blindfolded and lined up against a wall while weapons were cocked, making them "fear the worst".

OK, who wants to join me in holding our breaths waiting for the Abu Ghraib and Gitmo bellyachers to forcefully denounce Iran for using these tactics that brought about their wails of condemnation against America? Any takers?

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