Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Gay Groups Decry Surgeon General Nominee"

Who would have thought that the job of Surgeon freakin' General would attract such attention? Then again, considering what an embarrassment Jocelyn Elders was, I suppose it's fair game to scrutinize them. From My Way News:
President Bush's nominee for surgeon general, Kentucky cardiologist Dr. James Holsinger, has come under fire from gay rights groups for voting to expel a lesbian pastor from the United Methodist Church and writing in 1991 that gay sex is unnatural and unhealthy.

Two observations right off the bat here: (1) the church should, under no circumstances, allow a practicing and unrepentant avowed homosexual to serve as clergy, as the Bible is crystal freakin' clear on the issue; and (2) gay sex IS unnatural and unhealthy. If consenting adults want to engage in it, I for one don't care and don't think that the government should get involved AT ALL; however, it doesn't change the fact that it's not natural, and no amount of P.C. arm-twisting makes it so.

Holsinger served as Kentucky's health secretary and chancellor of the University of Kentucky's medical center. He taught at several medical schools and spent more than three decades in the Army Reserve, retiring in 1993 as a major general.

His supporters, including fellow doctors, faculty members and state officials, said he would never let his theological views affect his medical ones.

"Jim is able, as most of us are in medicine, to separate feelings that we have from our responsibility in taking care of patients," said Douglas Scutchfield, a professor of public health at the University of Kentucky.

In announcing Holsinger as his choice for America's top doctor May 24, Bush said the physician will focus on educating the public about childhood obesity.
Scutchfield said Holsinger has advocated expanded stem cell research, in opposition to many conservatives, and also has shown political courage in this tobacco-producing state by supporting higher cigarette taxes to curb teen smoking.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher commended Holsinger for working to fight obesity and other health problems in this Appalachian state, which ranks near the bottom in many categories. "He helped get the ball rolling and focusing on healthy lifestyles," Fletcher said.

Fighting childhood obesity and smoking. Sound like good ideas. Just not from this guy 'cuz he's ticked off the gays, right? Continuing:
Sixteen years ago, he wrote a paper for the church in which he likened the reproductive organs to male and female "pipe fittings" and argued that homosexuality is therefore biologically unnatural.

"When the complementarity of the sexes is breached, injuries and diseases may occur," Holsinger wrote, citing studies showing higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases among gay men and the risk of injury from anal sex.

I'm sorry, but the "pipe fittings" analogy, however offensive or politically incorrect, is 100% correct. Think back to the children's toys where you had pegs that were round, square, and triangle, and you had to push the pegs through their respectively shaped holes. Would it be correct to get a jar of petroleum jelly, grease up the square peg, and force it through the round hole? Of course not.

This guy MUST be on some kind of evangelical witch hunt! Well...not exactly:
Phyllis Nash, who worked under Holsinger for nine years as vice chancellor at the medical center, said the views he took in church appear at odds with his professional actions.

She recalled a women's health conference that Holsinger helped organize in 2002 that included a session on lesbian health. Despite complaints from some lawmakers, Holsinger insisted the session go forward, she said.

"His reaction in support could not have been any stronger," Nash said. "He said, as health care providers, we have to be prepared to meet the health needs of anyone who walks into the door."

Sounds to me like he's a doctor first and foremost. For the post of Surgeon General, that seems like the most important qualification to me. The guy could be an atheist for all I care, just as long as he performs his job honorably and effectively.

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