Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Non-political" meets "headline"

Headline: "Women drawn to men with muscles". What ever would we do without "experts"?

By the way, the bolded section is somewhat buried in the article:
Muscular young men are likely to have more sex partners than their less-chiseled peers, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles said on Monday.
"Women are predisposed to prefer muscularity in men," said study author David Frederick of UCLA.
Women were more physically attracted to brawny men, especially for a fling. But when it comes to finding a long-term partner, they tend to pick a regular man over a mate with huge biceps.

"On the one hand, it makes them more sexy to women. On the other hand, it makes women more suspicious about their romantic intentions," Frederick said.

So guys, if you're justing looking for a little sump'n-sump'n on the fornication front, then pump some iron. If you're looking for something a bit more stable, then step away from the barbell. What's a dude to do??

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