Tuesday, July 10, 2007

D.C. politician robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin. Just how effective is D.C.'s total gun ban (which, by the way, was recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal court)? It's so effective that their deputy mayor for education was held up by two armed (i.e. with guns) robbers. Details here.

The NRA rubs salt in the wound by accurately observing the following:
Just how worthless is Washington, D.C.’s gun ban? It’s so bad in our nation’s capitol that a deputy mayor was recently robbed at gunpoint.

Victor Reinoso is lucky to be alive today, but do you think he’ll be speaking out about the pointlessness of D.C.’s gun ban? Not if he wants to keep his job, he won’t.

Criminals don’t care about gun laws … anymore than they care about D.C.’s complete gun ban.

Ultimately, Victor Reinoso’s robbery probably won’t mean much when it comes to public policy in Washington, D.C. After all, they’ve already stuck with the ban for 30 years- what’s one more innocent victim?


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