Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ted Kennedy on "torture"

While Ted Kennedy interrogates our next Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, about whether or not we're making life too uncomfortable for the enemy combatants in captivity who want us dead, it makes me wonder something:

While Teddy Kennedy left Mary J. Kopechne underwater in his car for about 8 hours, was what he allowed her to endure defined as "torture"? While she lay submerged as the water slowly enveloped her and eventually entombed her, does anyone wonder if she suffered the same level of stress as an al Qaeda combatant draped in an Israeli flag listening to Bon Jovi cranked a little too loudly?

That Kennedy, too, is not wearing an orange jumpsuit is proof that there are two different justice systems in America: that for the have, and that for the have-nots.