Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kofi: You've Got Mail!

From Neal Boortz:
Kofi Annan is scraping off his shoe today after it was revealed yesterday the investigators looking into the Oil-For-Food program found an e-mail between Kofi Annan and a company that won a contract and hired his son. Looks like Kofi was greasing the skids for young Kojo the Korrupt.

This is yet another piece of evidence tying Kofi Annan to the criminal theft of billions of dollars under the Oil-For-Food program. If this were corporate America, Kofi Annan would have been fired the minute any money was found missing. If Kofi Annan were an American president, he would have long been impeached. The disaster happened on his watch.

But as it stands, Kofi's pass continues to get punched by the mainstream media and Democrats in Congress. What's it going to take for him to resign? Perhaps more evidence of wrongdoing....that could be on the way. Stay tuned.
Yep, the left gets all hot and bothered over Ken Lay and Enron pilfering the company coffers and screwing employees...and they should get upset over that! But man, do liberals circle the wagon around St. Kofi or what? The UN steals billions of dollars of humanitarian aid and leftists scream "Kofi didn't know! He's not responsible!" Well, looks like Kofi did know! Hope he gets the Ken Lay treatment, but don't count on the MSM giving it to him.