Monday, September 26, 2005

Jihad Cynthia not too bright on American geography

"Jihad" Cynthia McKinney, deposed-then-reinstated black Congresswoman from a gerrymandered district in Georgia, has a little trouble with the geography of the country she lives in. From a paranoid anti-American ranting in DC yesterday:
A cruel wind blows across America, starting in Texas and Montana and sweeping across America's heartland! It settled here in Washington, DC! And despite our presence today, it continues to buffer -- to buffett and batter the American people!
By "Texas and Montana", she means "Bush and Cheney." Someone tell Congresswoman Magellan that Cheney is from Wyoming and not Montana. I know both states are close together, and they're both redder than Cynthia McKinney's face on Election Night '00 and '04...but they are actually different states.

It could have been worse for Georgia's geographically-impaired Congresswoman. She could have pulled a Maxine Waters and called Salomon Smith Barney "Salomon Barney Frank." These CBC women are so unintelligent, it's downright laughable and impossible to take them seriously.

The Congressional Black Caucus..."Stuck on Stupid"!