Monday, September 26, 2005

Why I might become a Notre Dame fan

I've never liked the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Ever. However, after reading this, I just may change my mind. From CNN/SI:
Charlie Weis doesn't usually let anyone else call plays on offense. He made an exception for 10-year-old Montana Mazurkiewicz.

The Notre Dame coach met last week with Montana, who had been told by doctors weeks earlier that there was nothing more they could do to stop the spread of his inoperable brain tumor.

"He was a big Notre Dame fan in general, but football especially," said his mother, Cathy Mazurkiewicz.
I can't reveal anymore, so please read. It's not long. If you aren't moved, you're not human.

What a class act Charlie Weis is. Notre Dame should be proud to be represented by such a fine man.