Friday, September 09, 2005

Dem 9/11 Commissioner: Let Peanut Jimmy rebuild New Orleans

For the love of God (insert deity-du-jour here)! Story:
Dem 9/11 Commissioner Calls For Jimmy Carter To Head Rebuilding Of New Orleans
Fri Sep 09 2005 12:01:20 ET

This morning on Fox's "Fox and Friends," former Indiana Democrat congressman and 9/11 commissioner Tim Roemer called on President Bush to name former President Jimmy Carter to the head of efforts to rebuild New Orleans.

Roemer told the stunned hosts: "The second thing we should do is put somebody like former President Jimmy Carter in charge of rebuilding New Orleans."
Remember when I said the 9/11 Commission was as useless as tits on a boar? Roemer proves me right.

Jimmy Freakin' Carter? Sure, let him rebuild New Orleans. He can rebuild it back into the socialist, corrupt, government-dependent city that it was. After all, he tried to fashion the U.S. into that, and he's assisted every Third World dictatorship that fits into that category (even at the expense of his own country).

Sounds like Carter would be a perfect fit for the job...if New Orleans wants to go back to exactly where it was before the floods: poor, crime-ridden, undereducated, corrupt, and enslaved into public control assistance. If anyone knows anything about these things, it's Jimmy Carter.