Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy anniversary, Dan Rather!

One year ago this evening, the story broke that ultimately sent Dan Rather and some subordinates packing: Clearly fake documents to try to influence the outcome of the presidential election. Karma's a bitch, ain't it, Dan?

Thanks for the reminder, Little Green Footballs! This event really put them on the map, as they and Powerline Blog really got worldwide exposure in the blogosphere once this happened. Here's a link to their index of posts that uncovered the slimy, underhanded, unethical attempt by Rather and company to hand the election to their guy, John F'ing Kerry. Didn't go quite as planned, did it, Dan?

By the way, below is the animated GIF file that shows the fake document (run through a copier a few times to make it appear old) that CBS tried to pass off as authentic, and the same words reproduced with Microsoft Word, a word processor software package that wasn't available in the 1970's...yet the document is identical!

Word's default word-wrap to the next line just so happened to coincide with the manual carriage return breaking on the exact same words and lining up the exact same measurements! The font used with the superscript th wasn't on 1970's typewriters. The date format of the document wasn't the DD MMM YY (e.g. 03 JAN 73) that the military used.

Hey, I won't rehash all the old stuff, but I'm still appalled that "See? B.S.!" thought they could get away with it, and that they continued to defend it after it had been exposed as a fraud. Rather's "the document may not be authentic but the story hasn't been disproved" is akin to the National Enquirer saying that while the photos of Brad Pitt making love to an alien while in the Graceland mansion's trophy room may be fake, the story itself hasn't been disproved!