Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill Bennett not getting Dick Durbin's pass

Senator Dick Durbin compared US soldiers to Nazis, Soviets, and Khmer Rouge on the Senate floor, and the MSM was as quiet as Monica Lewinsky with her mouth full. Yet they (especially the Forged Document Network, aka CBS) led with Bill Bennett's comments on their newscast. MRC story here.

I read the full context of Bennett's remarks. They've been mischaracterized, but I think it was a bad analogy that gave ammo for liberal critics. Of course, in their Faustian quest to be loved by the MSM, many right-of-center pols and pundits (including the President, who is rumored to be a conservative on non-fiscal issues) have piled on, too. My take: poor judgment and poor analogy on Bennett's part, and poor sportsmanship on his opponents' part.

Whatever your view on Bennett's comments, you cannot sanely argue that what he said was more ghastly than Durbin the Turban's remarks about our soldiers being like Nazis, Stalin, or Pol Pot. Yet nary a peep from "See? B.S.!" et al over Turban's slander!

Nope...no liberal media bias.