Friday, September 30, 2005

Satire piece of the day: "FEMA too late to rescue Congress"

Blatantly stolen (but properly credited) from Scrappleface. Great satire:
Former FEMA Director Mike Brown told a House investigative panel yesterday that he takes much of the blame for the agency's response to "a national disaster of horrifying proportions which continues to cause pain, heartache and devastating financial hardship for millions of Americans."

"I should have come to Congress sooner to witness this tragedy in person," Mr. Brown told lawmakers. "As the government official in charge of coordinating disaster relief, I must take a large share of the blame for the dysfunctional organization, petty bickering, turf wars and massive amounts of wasteful spending that continue to this day."

The departing director acknowledged that the agency had been "overwhelmed by the scope and sequence of the disaster."

"FEMA is set up to handle storms that blow hard, and pass quickly," he said. "Congress has only one of those characteristics."
So does Monica Lewinksy! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh! Did I just say that?