Thursday, September 29, 2005

Point to ponder: Bull Connor

Recently, Harlem moonbat House member Charlie Rangel called President Bush "our Bull Connor." For those of you who need a quick history lesson, Theophilus "Bull" Connor was a "firehose-directing, dog-siccing racist" police official of Birmingham during the segregation days of the 1960's.

Ignoring the obvious disparities in comparing the two, which aren't even worth meriting a discussion, there's just one inconvenient little tidbit that Rangel and his race-baiting ilk overlook:

Bull Connor once sat where Howard Dean now sits: member of the Democratic National Committee! Yep, Connor was a Democrat, the single Democratic National Committeeman from Alabama.

Oops...stepped in a little dog squeeze there, didn't ya, Charlie?

Thanks, Anchoress!