Monday, October 03, 2005

Springer: "Air America? No, not me!"

Really, how embarassing it must be for Air America these days! It's not bad enough that they stole nearly $1 million from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit organization that helps inner city children and Alzheimer's patients. No, now they have Mr. Trash TV distancing himself from Air America! Story:
When a caller interrupted Springer's rant about Republican corruption to challenge Springer on Air America's own dirty laundry, an interesting exchange resulted during Thursday's radio show . The conversation is transcribed below (audio available here):
CALLER: Hey, Jerry, how you doing? It sounds to me like Tom DeLay just found a way around the law, which is what you Democrats--he out-twisted you basically. That’s what they did. That’s why they indicted him. He’s better doing this than even Clinton was. He found a way around it. He said “okay, we can’t contribute to Texas politicians with corporate things. You’ll contribute to a national group. We’ll mix all the money together, ‘cause you got individual contributors, and we’ll fund our political operations that way.”

But what about the Air America scandal and $800,000 from the Girls and Boys Club in the Bronx that has not been repaid and you work for them and you don’t even address it ever?

SPRINGER: Okay, uh, honestly. Uh, on some of the stations around the country, I’m on Air America. On some of the stations around the country, I’m not on Air America. So, uh, I, you know, I can’t answer that because the truth is I don’t know. Once I find something out about it, I’m willing to address it. I’m not dodging it all. Uh, but, you know, again, most of the people listening to me are not listening to me on Air America, so I can’t deal with that...'d that guy get past the call screener? Looks like some poor latté sipper just got fired!

Contrary to Springer's claims, the bulk of his radio show listeners are indeed Air America listeners, so he just dissed the network in front of all of AA's audience. I hear that both members of said audience were offended! low have you sunk when Jerry Freakin' Springer wants nothing to do with you?