Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush picks a non-judge to be on Supreme Court

President Bush picked White House Counsel Harriet Miers to be the SCOTUS replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor. AP story here.


Her bio is here. Yes, I know it's the Washington comPost, but that aside, the bio reflects her extensive experience on the bench. Ummm...wait...uh, no, never mind. She's never served on the bench. Anywhere.

Yet another crony pick (in a long list of them), sprinkled with political correctness (picking a female) to render impotent the impending liberal criticism? You be the "judge", since apparently, anyone can be the judge in this country!

I don't care if she's a conservative, libertarian, liberal, etc. I don't care how brilliant or accomplished she is in the legal profession. What bugs me is that this president picks someone with no judicial experience to be on the highest court in the land! This is not an internship, Mr. President! If baseball can have a minor league system that develops talent until it is ready to be called up to the big leagues, then so too can the Supreme Court! If Miers wants to be a judge, then start her at a lower level (district court, federal appeals court, etc.) and call her up when she's proved herself. It's an insult to scores of brilliant judges who have worked their whole lives in the hopes that they may be called upon to serve in their chosen profession's highest position...only to see an FOB (Friend of Bush) get plugged into the position!

By the way, here's a sidebar: her profile says she's single. You wanna start taking bets on how long the Kos kooks start peddling rumors about the possibility of her being a lesbian (like who freakin' cares if she is? Oh, yeah...the "tolerant, compassionate" left!)? I say by the end of the day. Let the games begin!

UPDATE (10:52 a.m. EST): Apparently, I'm not the only right-of-center individual who harbors deep reservations about Ms. Miers. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE (2:31 p.m. EST): Rush thinks she's a lousy selection, too, and points out that Harry Reid (the same one who voted AGAINST John Roberts) is fond of the nomination. The Godfather thinks Bush made the choice out of weakness.