Thursday, October 20, 2005

House bans obesity lawsuits

The vote was 306 votes for common sense, and 120 votes for trial lawyers' interests. For those of you in blue states (or in Europe), 306 is more than 120, so that means that the bill passed. Story here.

This single sentence was hilarious:
Critics of the bill contend that a better way to make people responsible for how they eat is to require nutrition information on menus and menu boards.
Right...because so few Americans are aware of the fact that Bic Macs are loaded with calories and fat! Is Biff the high school jock going to pass up a pepperoni pizza only after he spots the nutritional content on the paper tray cover? "Whoa, dude...that's like...not very healthy, man! What are you trying to do, my dizzle...kill me? You guys have any, like, cauliflower instead?"

I find it ironic that the same group of people (primarily liberals) who think that a teenage girl is mature enough to terminate her pregnancy without her parents' knowledge or permission is somehow simultaneously not mature enough when it comes to choosing which foods to eat! In short: choosing to end a pregnancy is cool, while choosing what to eat is not. (Sidebar: this is not an invitation to debate abortion, but merely a demonstration of the gross inconsistency we've come to expect from the left).