Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More on Democratic identity theft

Recall the story of how Maryland Republican Lt. Governor Michael Steele had his Social Security number used, without his permission or knowledge, to illegally obtain his credit report. The culprits were none other than staffers of Mr. Anti-ID Theft himself, Chuckie Schumer. Smell the wonderful aroma of irony?

Anyway, Michelle Malkin has a follow-up column, along with the observation that the MSM is avoiding the story like Teddy Kennedrunk avoids AA meetings:
Law enforcement officials are taking this criminal intrusion into private records deadly seriously. But left-wing partisans are nowhere to be found. Steele's staff tells me that longtime crusader against identity theft Sen. Schumer, who denies having any knowledge of the scheme, has still issued no apology for the abuse of Steele's personal data. And there has been no outcry from the ACLU, the champions of clean campaigns, or any major national newspaper editorial board.
(Protecting privacy only seems to matter to liberals when it comes to 14-year-old girls seeking abortions behind their parents' backs, illegal aliens seeking sanctuary from the police, and registered sex offenders objecting to community registration requirements.)

Needless to say, if it had been Republicans involved in this outrageous breach of privacy and the target had been a liberal minority politician, it would be front-page news. liberal media bias.