Monday, June 05, 2006

Global "warming" beach parties?

Three words, babe: I LOVE IT! From the Wall Street Journal via the College RNC:
"As Gore promotes global-warming movie, a Hillary Rodham Clinton advisor taunts, 'Run, Al, run!!' ... College Republicans ridicule the movie with Global Warming Beach Parties..."

Run a “Global Cooling” Snow Cone Stand

Freeze out cataclysmic environmental scare tactics with a little humor. The Oklahoma University College Republicans gave out free snow cones to students for an event they called "Global Cooling Day."

Stage an event like this one to grab the attention of your campus and raise awareness on the real facts of the global warming phenomenon. Engage with students and debunk some of the myths and cool the hyperbole surrounding the issue.

OU CRs simultaneously used the event to promote their first meeting, sign-up members, and sell CR shirts. A tent and tables were set up at the busiest spot on campus, and OU CRs gave away nearly 1,000 snow cones each day.

Prior to your "Global Cooling Day" event, arm your College Republican chapter with solid talking points on the issue, and then kick-back and enjoy the sun. The facts are on your side.
Facts...those things are soooooooooo 20th century!