Monday, June 12, 2006

Haditha...a hoax?

From Hotair:
Clarice Feldman thinks we’re looking at Rathergate raised to the tenth power.

I think she overstates the case. Something’s definitely up with the Iraqi accusers — read (or re-read) Dan Riehl’s post from the other night and tally up the discrepancies — but sources inside the military have been saying for weeks how bad this looks. Members of Congress who have been briefed and whose last names aren’t “Murtha” sound uniformly grim. Gen. Hagee, who’s been doing some of the briefing, was himself sufficiently troubled by what he heard that he flew to Iraq to remind the Marines about the importance of human life. And commanders recently ordered re-training in “core values” for all 130,000 service members in the field.

The point is this: CBS got hoaxed on Rathergate because it wanted to believe the memos were real. The story, as Feldman says, was too good to check. But it’s not just the media that’s driving this one; it’s also the military, to the tune of two separate investigations. They have every reason not to want to believe there’s something to it — but, judging from outward appearances, they do.
I think the reason I'm disgusted with Murtha's comments can be summed up thusly:
There is a danger here that, while the MSM may be accepting this story in a knee-jerk, Rather-like fashion because like the [Texas Air National Guard] story, it’s “too good to check,” but we on the “support the troops” side can be equally guilty of accepting the discrepancies as proof that nothing untoward happened in Haditha that day.
In other words, stop jumping to conclusions and let the damned investigation run its course! Those of us who support the troops look at the allegations and take them with a grain of salt. Those who don't support the troops, or those whose will has been damaged/broken by the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy), such as Jack0ff "Screw Steny Hoyer, I want to be House Democrat Leader" Murtha, reflexively believe the allegations. Only after a thorough investigation will we know for certain.