Thursday, June 08, 2006

THAT didn't take long, did it?

Our commenter "jen" displays a trait sorely lacking in today's lefty world: optimism. She actually thinks the Dems can win the House and/or Senate this year. Now that is optimism, especially when one sees things like the following:

  • Nick Berg's dad blames Bush for the beheading of his son, and not the recently departed al-Zarqawi...despite the fact that ol' Al was the one who personally decapitated Nick. It must hurt to be that afflicted by Bush Derangement Syndrome to where you can't even acknowledge the killer of your own son as the true perp. Sad...and sick. However, Mr. Berg is a typical representative of the anti-war left.

  • That optimism I just mentioned? Someone pass it on to Dems Pete Stark, Dennis Kucinich, Kent Conrad, and Carolyn Kilpatrick. They don't seem particularly impressed with today's events, nor optimistic about the future. On a day where nearly all Americans are rejoicing, some people still let politics get in the way of decency. Snookums, that doesn't inspire the electorate to vote for you, now does it?