Wednesday, June 07, 2006

U.S. and others to give Iran nuclear technology?

From ABC News:
ABC News has obtained a draft of the "carrots and sticks" proposal that the United States, Europe, China and Russia made to Iran to encourage it to stop developing its nuclear program. The four-page document offers a "fresh start" based on "mutual respect."
Iran's change in tone comes after the United States and its allies offered Iran the most generous proposal yet to resolve the nuclear standoff of the past two years.

Among the incentives, or "carrots" for Iran if it ceases its nuclear program:

Iran would get help building new nuclear power plants, specifically light water reactors that cannot be used to make weapons-grade nuclear fuel.

Iran would get a new facility to hold a five-year supply of nuclear fuel.

The deal would also open the door to "guarantees for [Iran's] territorial integrity" — words meant to assure Iran there would be no invasion by the United States or Israel.

A package of economic incentives so Iran can purchase a new fleet of American and European aircraft, something that it is now forbidden to do. Its aging airline fleet has become a safety threat.

The incentives would all be contingent on Iran agreeing to stop enriching uranium — making fuel that can be used for bombs or nuclear power. Iran's refusal to do just that has raised tensions with Iran over the past two years.

But even on that point, the proposal says Iran could be allowed to resume uranium enrichment in the future if it can convince the United Nations Security Council it is for peaceful purposes only.
There's a fantastic idea: let's get the UN, a corrupt inept body that has never met an anti-Semite or dictator they didn't want to coddle, involved on this. A few billions from Iran (a la "Oil For Food") and the UN will "coincidentally and impartially" conclude that Iran is doing everything on the up-and-up!

I am admittedly not particularly informed on the ins and outs of this "carrots and sticks" approach, so can someone please explain to me why this is a good idea? I mean, we derided Bubba and Maddy Not-too-bright for giving the NorKoms nuclear (or, as W says, "nucular") technology in exchange for their "promise" not to try and build weapons...a promise that they immediately violated. Who knew that you couldn't trust the word of a nutbar regime?

So is this deal with Ah'm-a-nutjob of Iran any different? My instincts tell me "No!" Then again, all I have to go on right now is the couple of stories I've read thus far. Thoughts?