Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqaward saw Uncle Sam before "checking out"

I take a large amount of satisfaction in knowing that al-Zarqawi got to see America's finest before taking his eternal sand nap. For those of you on the left, "America's finest" would be the U.S. apologies for the confusion!

Anywho, from MSNBC:
A mortally wounded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was still alive and mumbling after American airstrikes on his hideout and tried to get off a stretcher when he became aware of U.S. troops at the scene, a top military official said Friday.
Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell, speaking to reporters at the Pentagon from his post in Baghdad, said al-Zarqawi was alive when Iraqi police first arrived on the scene but he died soon after.
U.S. and Polish forces arrived intending to provide unspecified medical treatment, and al-Zarqawi was put on a stretcher, Caldwell said.

The terrorist "attempted to sort of turn away off the stretcher, everybody reached to insert him back. ... He died a short time later from the wounds suffered during the airstrike."
I am outraged that he died from the airstrike! I really wanted him to have his head sawed off with a dull butter knife and subsequently swabbed in bacon grease, with the video to be displayed on Al Jazeera. OK, that was wrong of me...I should have known that Al Jazeera would never show such a video! For those of you on the left, this entire paragraph was sarcasm.