Thursday, August 03, 2006

ACLU accused black mayor of...racial profiling?

The organization known as A$$holes, Crazies, & Leftists United (ACLU) has officially flipped its wig. From the Commercial Dispatch:
The national American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday accused Mayor Frank Melton of racial profiling - the latest criticism of the black city leader who is on an unorthodox crusade to stem crime in Mississippi's capital city.

The ACLU, during a news conference outside City Hall, said it also was investigating alleged civil rights violations committed by Melton and law enforcement officers.

King Downing, the ACLU's national racial profiling coordinator, said the allegations are based on complaints of people being pulled over on the basis of their race and searched without probable cause.
You read that correctly: the ACLU is suing a black Democrat mayor of racial profiling. Only in leftist P.C. logic does it seem hard to fathom that a city with a black population comprising 71% of its residents have a statistically better chance of being pulled over more often in traffic stops than the 29% minority. One would think that a black mayor in a predominantly black city would not tolerate abuse of any citizens, much less the black ones. One would think...which is why the ACLU is having a hard time processing this.

This part pretty much sums up how the leftist elite sees normal America:
For me to leave my office and come into one of the states means that there is a very serious problem,” said Downing, who is based in New York. “There are problems here that it's going to take the attention of the nation in order to solve.”
Folks, the problem must indeed be serious if Mr. Downing must "soil his hands" with the filth known as Mississippi by leaving his plush NY digs to condescend into that red-state hellhole! Now that's a professional hazard, ladies and gentlemen! I mean, think about it: what if a Mississippian (gasp!) touches him or something? Why, he should get hazard pay for that! They're practically wallowing in dengue fever everywhere south of the D.C. Beltway, right? That's what they hear at their swank Manhattan cocktail parties! What an a$$hole!

Fortunately, the mayor has the right attitude about the Anti-Christian Losers Universe:
Melton, in a separate interview, said he wasn't interested in the ACLU's complaints against him or the police and denied he had violated anyone's civil rights.

“We have 26 people that have been killed in Jackson this year. We have 300,000 people killed across America each year. The majority of them are African American and it's time to do something different,” Melton said. “I want to know what the ACLU wants to do besides criticize. Besides that, the hell with them.”
“I hope they (the ACLU) don't obstruct justice and give people false information because if they do, then we'll be focusing on them and we'll come after them,” Melton said.
"Melton took office last July after getting elected with 88 percent of the vote on a tough-on-crime platform." It looks to me like the man is just doing what the overwhelming majority of Jackson elected him to do. Naturally, that pisses off the ACLU; however, in the words of Mayor Melton, "The hell with them"!

I don't care that he is a Democrat. As long as he's actually trying to do something about crime AND he's thumbing his nose at the ACLU, the man gets major props from me.