Monday, August 14, 2006

"Disproportionate response"

From Dr. Mike Adams, on how he handled a harrassing and threatening female leftist who called him:
My philosophy came in handy again after another liberal – this time from California - got mad at another of my speeches broadcast on national television. She then called to tell me she was angry because of my opposition to overly broad and vague “harassment” codes that restrict (usually selectively) free speech on college campuses. So she told me she was going to find my home phone number and residential address to harass me constantly until I stopped challenging the harassment codes.

That’s when I got the private investigators involved (several of them are former military intelligence officers). We traced the phone call, found her name, hometown, residential address, home phone number, work address, work phone number, supervisor’s work phone number, office fax number, husband’s work phone number, and, finally, the residential addresses and home phone numbers of all her living relatives. And it really didn’t take very long, either.

After laying the groundwork, I called the angry liberal and explained (to her voice mail) that she had made a very serious mistake by choosing the wrong cowboy to (expletive) with. I didn’t tell her that all her personal information was about to go out on the internet - starting with my next newsletter ( But I did let her know she was about to face a wildly disproportionate response to the petty harassment she had promised me.

So before I had to unleash the fury of my internet militia group I got a nice letter from that woman in the great State of California. After saying that she and her husband were now fearful for their safety - and “should have expected (my) angry outburst” – she offered an apology. And, then, she said she wished to have “no further communication” with me in the future.

And, so, a peace settlement was established within 48 hours. But it was not established through a process of negotiation. It was established through fear, military readiness, and an uncompromising desire to offer the most disproportionate response possible under the circumstances.
Lessons learned?
This whole discussion reminds me of a leftist student who once asked me whether it was “fair” that we should stockpile nuclear weapons and demand that Iran stop seeking even a single short-range nuclear missile. “The answer is no,” I told him. “I don’t care about fairness. I care about killing Muslim terrorists.”

Indeed, the whole point of war is to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible while losing as few of your own soldiers as possible – in other words, to be as “disproportionate” as you can. It is better to live with that understanding than to die without it.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were "disproportionate responses", and the war ended a couple of days later. Israel should have remembered that lesson...after all, Japan still does.