Thursday, September 21, 2006

Associated (with terrorists) Press takes on Malkin

Boy, the MSM sure gets defensive when they're exposed like Bubba's willy to an intern! Now the AP is trying to furiously spin their association with a terrorism suspect, sounding more like the ACLU and Amnesty International. Michelle Malkin has all the details here.

Yesterday evening, I received a call from my column syndicate, Creators Syndicate. The Associated Press had phoned my editor to inform her that it would be sending a response to my column yesterday about detained AP photographer Bilal Hussein. (Funny how quickly they respond now. Where have they been the past five months? Oh, right: Busy covering up the news about Hussein's April 12 capture by the military at a Ramadi apartment with an alleged al Qaeda leader and a weapons cache.) The AP last night asked my editor to supply its corporate communications office with my newspaper client list so it could disseminate its response.

Well, I am happy to help out the AP by posting its statement right here on my blog (we'll also send it out in a bonus column to all my syndicate clients). The AP's non-response response is a very instructive, valuable, and revealing document that I'd like not just my newspaper readers, but also all of you, to see. It is as damning for what it says as for what it doesn't say. As you'll see, AP's statement abandons any attempt to address the key issues bloggers and my column have raised--its questionable journalistic judgement in suppressing news of Hussein's detention for five months (see LGF), its compromised neutrality (see Power Line), and its dangerous dependence on dubious local stringers embedded with the Iraqi insurgency (see Jawa Report, EU Referendum, Dan Riehl, and Democracy Project). Instead, AP has written a little policy brief that calls into question the news organization's ability to be fair and impartial in its reporting on the capture, detention, and interrogation of security detainees in Iraq and other fronts in the war on terror.
Go read the details for yourself, and repeat ad nauseum: "Nope, no liberal media bias!"