Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Eve roundup

I'm intending on posting nothing between now and the election, but if anything that drives my interest pops up between now and then, I'll post it. Anyway, here we go...

  • MSM: Dems giddy, GOP glum, on Election Eve. American Spectator: GOP will win, and here's why.

  • Speaking of MSM liberal bias, the Washington comPost admits but two examples of it: "Yep, we're biased in our reporting of the MD and VA Senate races. Sucks for you, doesn't it?"

  • If the terrorists could vote, they'd vote for the Dems. They're praying to Allah that the Dems win and would take such a victory as proof that America is weak, thus emboldening them for further attacks (which they guarantee). Nice endorsement you got there, libs.

  • Speaking of terrorists, if you haven't done so, watch "Obsession", a documentary about radical Islam and the West's hesitancy to confront it. Link to abridged and unabridged clips here. Think about the prior comment (terrorists' desire for the Dhimmicrats' rule in America) after watching this to see what the stakes are in tomorrow's election.

  • Vanity Fair says that "neocons" are abandoning the GOP ship. Said "neocons" say that VF misrepresented their sentiments and intentionally contorted their other words, VF lied.

  • Stinkin' Lincoln Chafee and Conrad Burns, left for dead, now tied with their Dem opponents?

  • If Dems win, it's because they won fairly and convincingly and that America is ready for some leftist leadership. If they lose, it can only be because they were cheated...again. As we all know, Dems never lose fairly. No, they're always robbed when they lose (thanks for THAT legacy, Mr. Gore)! So, they're sandbagging in advance, just in case.

  • John Kerry was joking...about his "apology"! Gotta give the devil his due, though...he is indeed a "uniter", as evidenced by the Army vs. Air Force football game (h/t Blackfive)!

  • Finally, this word: we can point to polls all we want to, and they certainly serve a purpose before the election. However, the fact of the matter is that there's only one poll that counts, and that's the one on Election Day.