Sunday, November 05, 2006

Page One of the NYT, but it ain't Kerry

Nary a peep about John Kerry's faux apology (that he now clearly didn't mean) on the front page...or the Old Gray Hag fishwrap. Nope, the front page was dedicated to the homo evangelist in Colorado.

Ace sums it up nicely:
Biggest Story Of The Century: Some Guy You Never Heard Of Is A Homo

At least according to the left, it's a very, very big story.

Because this guy you never heard of is also an Evangelist you never heard of, and making anti-gay statements you never heard of, while having gay sex with dudes you definitely never heard of.

But it turns out he's a homo, so suddenly he's someone you're going to be hearing a lot about, and, in fact, will become within 24 hours The Most Important Figure On The Religious Right In All Of The History Of The Universe.
Thing is, the guy's not a conservative. Quite the contrary, he's a liberal global warming alarmist, on top of being a polesmoker. But hey, he believes in God, so he MUST be a conservative, right?