Friday, November 03, 2006

Senate may have TWO plagiarists?

If Virginians are depraved enough to elect renowned kiddie-porn author James Webb to the U.S. Senate, he would join Joe Biden (D-DE) as the second known plagiarist in the upper chamber. From Ace:
James Webb Picked An Author Up By The Ankles, Put His Mouth On His Penis, And Then Plagiarized His Book

Or so charges Ramesh Ponuru, finding 17 passages in Webb's books that seem lifted from other books.

We're now four days from election day. I'm not sure any of this stuff matters much anymore. I think Kerry, bless his stupid little gigolo heart, got his scandal in just before the deadline to have any effect on the election.

Still, might as well get it all out there.
I'm wiping the monitor down, now that I've spewed my Diet Coke all over it...damn you, Ace!