Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jumpin' Jim Jeffords not seeking re-election

The turncoat Senator, James Jeffords,, "Independent"...from the People's Republic of Vermont, is not seeking re-election. Story here.

He'd probably win if he did run. Vermont is a socialist state, as evidenced by their lone rep in the House: Socialist Party member Bernie Sanders. He won the hearts of leftists everywhere (not just Vermont) when he left the Republican party in 2001 and handed control of the Senate over to the Democrats. He said it was a matter of "principle" that he defected. Uh-huh...which is why his thirty pieces of silver came in the form of a committee chairmanship.

However, after the November 2002 elections, the GOP regained control of the Senate, and now Jumpin' Jim went from being in the plurality to being in the minority. Word has it that he "offered" to Trent Lott to come back to the GOP if he could keep his committee chair, and Lott told him to go pound sand.

Jeffords will be known to some as a man who not only voted against Clinton's impeachment conviction in the Senate in 1999, but for saying that if allegations were true of Clinton having raped Juanita Broaddrick, then said rape constituted a "private matter." Don't take my word for it: link here.