Tuesday, September 27, 2005

al Qaeda in Iraq's #2 terrorist killed

Bad news for the Sheehanistas: one less "freedom fighter" to advance the cause of Islamic terrorism. Story:
U.S. and Iraqi authorities said Tuesday their forces had killed Abdullah Abu Azzam - the No. 2 official in the al-Qaida in Iraq organization - in a weekend raid in Baghdad, claiming to have struck a "painful blow" to the country's most feared insurgent group.
Oh, well, until our "evil, imperialistic, murderous" troops kill or capture bin Laden or al Zarqawi, the Sheehanistas still have someone to cheer for. Plus, they can take comfort in knowing that Azzam is partying his turban off with his 72 new virgin wives, now that he's taken his eternal celestial sand nap...courtesy of the red, white, and blue!