Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The French were targets of Islamic terror attack?

Yes, the French foiled an Islamofascist terror attack today. Story:
Authorities fear that a suspected Islamic terror cell broken up in France was plotting attacks on the Paris subway, an airport and an intelligence agency's headquarters, newspapers said Tuesday.

Police arrested nine people Monday in the sweep, including an Islamic militant previously convicted on terrorism charges and freed from prison two years ago, officials said.
So how's that appeasement working for you, Chirac? I wonder if the Boston Globe still thinks we need to negotiate with al Qaeda, in light of the plan to attack a nation that was capitulating to Islamic terrorism and wasn't trying to offend those poor little killer weird-beards. After all, haven't the bloodthirsty camel jockies been telling us that if we just leave them alone, they'll leave us alone?

Looks like they...gasp!...LIED! Who knew?