Thursday, September 08, 2005

The horror! Gitmo terrorists refuse to eat!

Headline from a Guardian (a UK leftist rag) article:

"Hunger strikers pledge to die in Guantánamo"

Damn. How can I sleep knowing some poor al Qaeda or Taliban babykiller/womanbeater is refusing to stuff lemon-pepper mahi-mahi in his greasy piehole? Someone do me a huge favor and remind me to give a damn about Islamic terrorists starving themselves to death if they don't get plasma screen TV's, X-Boxes, iPods, Camels in Leather Chaps subscriptions, etc.

Actually, someone do me an even bigger favor and remind me later to give a damn that they starve themselves to death...period. M'kay? Thanks in advance.

Leave it to the Guardian to get hot and bothered over these vermin refusing to eat.