Wednesday, October 05, 2005

FL Sen. Bill Nelson: Americans fed up with GOP

I have few quick thoughts on this, but first, read my "distinguished" Senator's reasoning:
In a wide ranging interview with reporters, Nelson, D-Fla., cited Republicans' intervention in the Terri Schiavo case, the skyrocketing federal budget deficits and the war in Iraq as reasons why public opinion is turning against the GOP.

"It started with Terri Schiavo," Nelson said. "I think what you're seeing is a reaction - that people are saying I have enough of this intolerance and trying to cram their agenda down the people's throats. People are getting tired of that.

He also points to the White House not responding quickly enough when Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and Mississippi and failing to work with oil companies to reign in rising gas prices.

"I can't tell you how many Republicans have come up to me and said 'I am off the reservation because of the fiscal policies of this administration, spending so much money like a drunken sailor,"' Nelson said. "All of these things are coming home to roost."
Leave it to a liberal (who pretends not to be one) to assert that the feds were supposed to be the first responders to Katrina, absolving the N.O. mayor and La. guv (both Democrats...I'm just sure it's a coincidence and has no impact on Nelson's thinking!) for their incompetence. Sorry, Nelson, but polls show that unlike you, Americans think the proper way: local, then state, then federal!

First of all, Senator, it's ironic that you refer to poll numbers, when yours here in Florida have been pretty shoddy. Your best bet is for the GOP to nominate Katherine Harris, who is only slightly more unpopular than you are. Florida is a reliable GOP state, as you may find out next year.

Secondly, the war in Iraq? You voted to authorize troops, as well as every supplement since then. What are you now...John "liked it then hated it" Kerry? Shut your trap on that.

Thirdly, Terri Schiavo. I won't rehash that issue, but it may not have as much traction as you'd like it to have as far as issues go. Americans are, for better or worse, short-attention span creatures. Yes, a majority held Nelson's view, but they've moved on.

Fourthly, I agree 100% with Nelson on the spending. However, when Democrats ran the show, they spent like drunken sailors,'s just that their spending priorities were different. Their spending aimed to cut defense, punish success, increase dependency on government, and perpetuate demonstrably failed social engineering and "Great Society" programs...basically, increase the welfare state. Both parties' spending mindsets suck, and until Americans get fed up enough to vote out the bastards (and/or vote in large enough numbers for third-party candidates, like Libertarians), this spending orgy will continue.

Also, the article mentions his desire to make us less dependent on foreign oil. Sir, we're certainly for that, but your party has been beholden to interests that have caused our energy problem, not helped it. Your opposition to refinery-, nuclear- and coal-power plant building, ANWR drilling, gulf drilling, and uniform gas standards (instead of the dozens of blends required depending on the part of the country, winner of the Super Bowl, which way cow farts travel, and other haphazard and non-standard, non-market-based criteria) have exacerbated the energy problem.

Finally, I do chuckle at Nelson's (and his ilk's) "cram their agenda down our throats" line. I don't know how to break this to the Senator, but that's what happens when you win elections! I know, since your Senate win in 2000, "winning" and "Democrats" being used in the same sentence tends to be confusing, so I'll cut you some slack. But bone up on the Constitution (that would be the document that you find quaint, yet swore to uphold back in January 2001), and get back to me when you have that "elections determine agendas" thingee figured out, m'kay?

Are Americans fed up with the GOP? Fortunately for Mr. Nelson, he'll get to find out for himself this time next year.